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PT. PROMETAMA SARANA GRAHA, Professional in Roll Forming Metal Products & Manufacturing Accessories for Building Is a company engaged in the production of modern building materials wood substitutes. The raw material for the production of a mixture of aluminum (55%) and zinc (45%). PT Buman Delta Swadaya is officially proffesional contractor that support Prometama products. With many connections of trusted worker, Buman is best supporting your project needs.

1989: PT BUMAN DELTA SWADAYA established to manufacture and sale building materials for ceilings and accessories. 1995: Joined with PT BlueScope Steel as distributor Zincalume as raw material for production. 2001: PT PROMETAMA SARANA GRAHA established to manufacture and sale Rollforming Lightweight steel, which raw material is Zincalume of BlueScope Steel. Producing building materials from Zincalume, such as Acoustic Ceiling Frame, Gypsum Ceiling Frame or Wall, Metal Ceiling Frame, Door

Our Vision : Safe the earth through Quality Steel Building Product to replace use of timber Our Mission : To Manufacture and marketing Quality Steel Building products and services which has related to metallic coating steel.

7 Reason Why choose Prometama : Made from 45% Zinc and Aluminium 55%. Anti Termites and Corossion Resistant. Lightweight Easy to install, without special tools. Delivery On Time : Prometama has a warehouse of raw materials, the process of cutting material, to enter into a rollforming machine made products in the same location. The production process is done very quickly, so the production is completed on time and material supply project to be on time. Strong Enough and sturdy Competiti